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Dawnstone: Mysteries of the Marsh

2023. It will be a big year, but not as big as the second half of 2022, with all the news and information and gameplay we will be sharing with you all. Strap in, we have a boatload to show!

Hundreds of Quests, Hundreds of Hours

Some RPGs are survival games, some are roguelike, and some are MMO’s. Our RPG is steeped in lore, quests and getting it done right the first time. We are adding much in the way of interesting quests, story, dialogue and other features such as journals, books strewn across the world, pamphlets and lore scrolls. What’s not to love when it comes to immersion?

Planned Features


We have three you can start with, Cleric (Spellcasting), Ranger (Ranged) and Bard (Melee).


Talents go hand and hand with spells and combat. Each class has their own tree.


Artifacts are collected permanent buffs that you will find throughout the lands.

Factions and Reputation

You’ll be able to become the most famous (or at least the most beloved) in all the realm!

You’ll be able to do so much, you won’t have the time to wonder what else is missing. With over 20 different locations and hundreds of caves, dungeons, raids, prisons and more, there is much to explore!

Questing isn’t just about getting to know the story, Makki and the other characters of Dawnstone: Mysteries of the Marsh, but it’s another way to immerse yourself. Questing is fun, rewarding and important. We have some expanding information on this too, later on, so stay tuned!

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Unique Goals Are Being Added

Controller Support

Destructible Objects


Stat Allocation

Dynamic Animations


Gear Sets



Item Rarities



Combat Leveling








Tamable Pets

Stay tuned for more information!

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